SOME BY MI Bye Bye Blackhead 30 Days Miracle Green Tea Tox Bubble Cleanser 120g
The fine BHA foam appears by itself after application and melts away blackheads.The fresh cream foam, containing live green tea leaves and konjac granules, removes any impurities left remaining in the pores. Suggested Use 1. Spread a small amount of...
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SKINFOOD Rice Mask Wash Off
A mask wash off that features rice extracts to brighten and soften complexion. Size: 100g   How to use 1. After cleansing, massage gently into damp skin, or mix with water/cosmetic water and apply. 2. Avoid skin around the eyes...
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SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
A mask washoff featuring organic black sugar granules that exfoliate and nourish skin for a smooth, clean complexion. Size: 100g   How to use 1. After cleansing, massage gently into damp skin, or mix with water/micellar water and apply. 2....
THE FACESHOP Smart Peeling Mild Papaya
Soft Exfoliation + Moisturize. Minimizes irritation with 5 free formula (Free from paraben, alcohol, animal ingredients, mineral oil, artificial coloring). Ideal for all skin type (especially sensitive skin or thin skin). Natural enzyme extracted from papaya softly absorbs dead skin...
THE FACESHOP Smart Peeling Honey Black Sugar Scrub
Mild Scrub + Blackheads Removal. Black sugar dipped in honey exfoliates while effectively removing blackheads. Ideal for Normal to Oily (non-acne prone) Skin.   Main ingredient: Black Sugar and Honey Extract. Effectively removes dead skin cells and skin impurities while...
THE FACESHOP Smart Peeling White Jewel
Mild Exfoliation + Brightening. Pearl Powder makes skin bright and radiant, giving a brightening effect Ideal for dull complexion. Main ingredient: Pearl Powder, natural cellulose. A water soluble ingredient that keeps the skin slightly acid increasing the immunity of skin....
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JEJU VOLCANIC LAVA SCRUB FOAM Scrub foam containing volcanic soil from Jeju Island and fine scrub to take care of dead skin cells and waste matters hidden in skin pores and thereby keep skin smooth and clean €¢ Contains Jeju...
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A gentle lip scrub that exfoliates and polishes lips. Made with shea butter and walnut shell. Size: 10g   How to use Apply a coat to lips and lightly scrub in soft circular motions, then wipe off with a damp...
INNISFREE Essential Citrus Body Cleanser
Refresh your skin with an invigorating scent of orange bergamot and lemon. Rejuvenating body cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. A fresh and lively scent of sour lemons and sweet-tart oranges hanging ripe beneath the warm rays of...
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SKINFOOD Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off
A mask wash off featuring organic black sugar granules for exfoliation, and rich honey that softens skin for a clean, smooth complexion. Size: 100g   How to use 1. After cleansing, massage gently into damp skin, or mix with water/cosmetic...
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INNISFREE Skin Reset Peeling Mask for Oily Skin
Removes dead skin cells and impurities while replenishing moisture and nourishment for a flawless skin  This mask simply removes impurities and dead skin cells with a peeling glove (1st step) and provides soothing, tightening, hydrating and even nourishing effects through...
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INNISFREE Super Volcanic Peel Off Mask 2X
No-wash volcanic scoria clay mask! Don’t wash, but peel off. Use on any specific area of your face or even the entire face. Refreshing extrusion from the pore! Peel off when your skin feels tight and the mask is dry....
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INNISFREE Smooth Lip Scrub
A lip scrub that softly exfoliates dead skin and residue on your lips with fine walnut and coconut shell granules.Camellia oil and shea butter for moisturizing and softening your lips   Size: 9 g   How To Apply 1. Apply...
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